Monday, July 7, 2014

Good Read ( July 7, 2014 )

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يوميات التعذيب يونيو 2013 - مايو 2014.pdf

 حساب كويتي على الانستغرام يلاحق العمالة الهاربة

حميد الذي التقط قلبه

an old -2010-but important video
Akhdam women tell their stories of violence, injustice & poverty in Yemen

Saturday, July 5, 2014

In Another Four Years

On Tuesday, July 13, 2010, I wrote this post (In Four Years)  when the previous World Cup was over.

and these were my goals to achieve in four years, and I achieved none.

 1-  To finish paying my debts to the bank.

2- To have -or close to- have a house. 

3- To have a better sense of accomplishment in my job. Or maybe find a better job or do something that I love. 

4-To control my diabetes. 

5- To love myself more. 

6- To learn a language or two -mostly French and Spanish- by then. 

7-To attend the world cup in Brazil. i have always wanted to go to Brazil and to attend the world cup, so two birds in one stone !!!

8- Be in a better place -financially , physically, emotionally and place wise-. 
The world cup isn't over yet, and I am not watching for human rights issues. The funny thing is that I will be finishing #1&2 closer to the next world cup, unless a miracle happens. And number 7 isn't a dream at all whether it's in Brazil or any other country. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

World Refugges

Refugees are YOU minus the house, food, security and comfort.

There are 16.7 million refugees, 1.2 million asylum seekers and 33.3 million “internally displaced persons” – people who had to flee their homes, but remain within a country-  according to figures released by UNHCR (Source)

 "Half the world’s refugees are children, many travelling alone or in groups in a desperate quest for sanctuary, and often falling into the clutches of human traffickers" (Source)

An Afghan internally displaced boy hides behind his mother as he looks on in a poor neighbourhood in Kabul on Feb. 23, 2014. (Massoud Hossaini/AP)
 A woman leans against a tree in the world’s biggest refugee complex on August 23, 2009 in Dadaab, Kenya. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Photographed by Nariman El-Mofty/AP

 An Iraqi child who fled the violence in their home towns eats at a refugee camp near the city of Irbil, northern Iraq, on June 16, 2014. (EPA)


Friday, February 28, 2014

Done With Teaching

After seventeen years and a half, since 1997, I am done with teaching. So that's one weight off my shoulder :)

Today I became a vice principal.

I know it's not an easy job but teaching and I aren't friends. It's not students whom I can't deal with, they are actually very sad to see me leaving, it's just being  a teacher is getting worse every year. And I am not sad to be done with it at all.

The best part is that I am going to be a vice principal at the same school I am teaching in now. I won't be the only one, usually we have more than one vice principal, so it will be interesting seeing who am I going to work with.
I already know the principal , who is glad that I will be working there and I feel the same, and that's another weight off my shoulder :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Good Read

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Monday, February 3, 2014

What's The Point?

Warning: This is another whining post..

I might be a drama queen but hear me out...

I am not that typical but I still can't believe that life starts at 50 or 60 or whatever new age media and people who want to sell books keep telling us. I am not saying these are ages to die but you simply can't start over later in life cuz almost all your life has already gone and even if you lived to be 100 you probably going to be in lots of pain to start anything over. 

When you are 20 or 30 and you are depressed, the small voice in your mind keeps reminding you that things change and you are going to be OK, have at least 30 years till you are 50.
And the same happens when you are 30, you still have 20 years to 50.. 
( I don't know why I keep bring this number but maybe because it sounded too big to me or maybe because it's the number to beat before it's too late , again to me)
 But when you are 40 -like me now- that small voice keeps getting smaller and no matter what it keeps telling you, it just doesn't have that impact that makes you smile again and believe.

I don't think that I will ever believe again, I know I should never say never, but all I dream of  right now is to relax and do nothing, old people dreams. T

he dreams to be something and to have a great life is slipping away..completely. I do dream but instead of dreams that lasts for months, they last for minutes now. 

I know that I can do a lot in 10 years , but I am stuck here and it's no point in doing things that are different than the norm, and the norm isn't pretty at all. 

I can't even write anymore...there is no point !!! 

I don't want to live..I want to exist. *

* from the movie "12 Years A Slave" 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cause of Death: Woman by Linda Forsell

The is post full of graphic pictures

Intimate Partner Violence

About the project

The one you love, you beat. – proverb, Sweden
More than a third of all women in the world are subjected to physical or sexual violence during their lifetime. The most common type is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) which one out of three women have to suffer. No country, and no economical class or age is exempted; and it has dire effects. Depression, alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and physical injuries are merely part of the outcome.

Cause of Death: Woman
 is a unique investigative report on violence against women in the world, describing atrocities ranging from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and acid attacks to more hidden types like psychological and physical violence between partners and rape. 

Between 2010 and 2012 I documented the situation in ten countries together with reporters Karin Alfredsson and Kerstin Weigl. The primary result of the work is the website, an open resource for anyone who is interested, but with large focus on reaching out through organizations, schools, workshops and lectures around the world. The site contains all of our journalistic work as well as downloadable course material and a Do-It-Yourself exhibition.

Cause of Death: Woman has been mention and published in newspapers and magazines around the world from China and Italy to Sweden and the United States. My photographic work was awarded the special prize in the Swedish Picture of the Year Award 2013. The project has been exhibited in China and Sweden, as well as in many smaller initiatives..

The project is the work of the three of us together with the Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres, SKR. Funding was received from, among others, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Stieg Larsson Foundation and the Sigrid Rausing Trust.

The countries included in the project are the USA, South Africa, Egypt, Sweden, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Congo, Spain and Russia.

 1. South Africa: The first time Elizabeth’s boyfriend beat her she was 16. Her boyfriend used to say to her: “You’re a dog. How can you expect anyone to love you when even your own mother doesn’t?”

 2.  Russia: Svetlana is forced to live with her husband that she has filed a lawsuit against for abusing her. The situation is common in Russia where housing is extremely scarce.

 3. Sweden.

4. Brazil: Rosangela says she has survived twice. First when her husband threw petrol over her and set her alight – and then the negligence at the hospital.

The Most Vulnerable
Turn to the left and he’ll beat you, turn to the right and he’ll beat you - proverb, Russia

Violence against women exists everywhere, but people in extreme situations are always the most vulnerable. Countries with weak judicial systems, high poverty rates, low educational levels and where women lack the opportunity to support themselves financially poses great threats to women safety.

 1. Egypt: “I’d decided to take the train to Cairo to get a job and earn a lot of money, but as soon as I got to the railway station I was assaulted by some boys.” Martha is a street child. She is now pregnant and can’t find the father.

 2. Egypt: Ahmed and Khaled travel the streets of Cairo all night long, in search for street children. Violence against girls is wide spread in the lawless community.

 3 & 4. Egypt: Violence against girls is wide spread in among street children.

 5. Brazil: Luciana is in the reception area at the women’s police station in central Rio de Janeiro, waiting for her turn. She has been sent here by the court after her ex-fiance broke her protection order.

6. USA: Nicole has lived a hard life, with drug abuse, mental illness and many violent relationships. Now she has decided to deal with her life – not just to survive, but to start to thrive. “My abusers will win if I don’t make something of my life.”
A man’s honor rest’s between the legs of his woman - proverb, Pakistan

Every year sees an estimated 5000 honor killings around the world. Important characteristics of violence in the name of honor is that is perpetrated with honor as an excuse and often with the support of entire families, communities and states.

1. Pakistan: At Dastak, the only private shelter Lahore, there are no rules which restrict the women’s movements, although they are all urged to take care outside its walls. The women share a room and a bed with their children. No one is rejected.

  2. Pakistan: Akhtar was constantly abused but couldn’t get a divorce for 17 years. It would have ruined her families reputation and her sister’s chance of getting married.

 3 & 4. Pakistan: Muhammad is one of two plastic surgeons who serve almost half of Pakistan. He treats many women subjected to acid attacks. This day he is helping a woman who was attacked by a neighbor when she refused to have sex with him.

5.  Pakistan: One night the two son’s of the sisters landlord opened a gas pipe in their room and threw in a match.
Rape (South Africa)
Look after your chickens, the rooster is on the loose, proverb, Mexico

More than 40 percent of all women in South Africa have been raped, but only a tenth of them are reported. 
 1 & 2. South Africa: Eudy was a famous soccer player, and the most well known homosexual woman in South Africa. She was stabbed to death in a hate crime.

 3. South Africa: During the last years a specific type of rape aimed at lesbians has emerged in South Africa. When Jents was raped, the men told her that ”You are no man! We will show you what it’s like to be a real woman!”

4. South Africa: Blessing was only three years old the first time she was sexually abused. She has been raped many times since she grew up. Her daughter is the result of a gang rape.

You don’t put a spoon between a man and a woman - proverb, Brazil

38 percent of all murdered women in the world were killed by a man they had a close relation to.
 1 & 2. USA: Neenef shot 19 year old Maggie in the back of the head with his shotgun and then took his own life.

 3. Sweden: Delia’s father describes how Alex killed his daughter when she was trying to break up with him.

 4. Brasil: José kills Marlucia in front of their son: “Stop it daddy, don’t kill mummy”.

 5. Spain: The spot where Encarnacion were run over five times by her ex-husband.

 6. Brasil: Maria da Penha survived two murder attempts. Her case changed the law in Brazil.

7. Russia: Tatiana was killed with an axe, this is were she used to live.

 8. Russia: Tatiana’s daughter holds an old garment of her’s.

War (Congo)
A Girl’s pride is in a man’s house - proverb, Congo
In War, rape is a weapon. Every single day approximately 40 women are raped in Eastern Congo, hundreds of thousands were raped during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and Europe is no exception with in between  20.000 and 50.000 rapes during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The violations are not just a simple display of frustration among soldiers. It is a conscious military strategy through which the opponent is humiliated and it’s moral reduced. Rape attacks break apart families, render leaders feeling powerless and inadequate and ruin communities; all in the same instance as giving the attackers an adrenalin surge and a sense of power.
 1.Congo: All of these women were raped in attacks by the militia, in eastern Congo.

 2 & 3. Congo: The relentless violence perpetrated by different guerrilla groups in the remote Eastern Congo strike women with adamant force. Rape is used as a weapon.

 4. Congo: A young man with a large portion of regret in his voice, recollects how two of his four sisters were raped during an attack by the guerilla group FLDR.

 5. Congo: Love used to be a child soldier.

6 & 7 Congo: Panzi Hospital was at first known as ‘the fistula hospital’ when it was founded in 1999, but the war victims soon took up more and more of the beds. Mutilated, raped and traumatized women sought out the well-ordered hospital area.

8. Congo: Pupils listen carefully when told about how you cannot treat women.

War (Mexico - Ciudad Juarez)
In Mexico the war is of a different sort. The so-called “war on drugs” plays out between powerful drug cartels that the police and military try to confine but usually end up becoming a part of. Women are under serious attack. Brutal women’s killings, kidnappings and rapes have skirted the path of drugs. Young girls have been found dead in barrels of acid, mutilated with breast ripped off or abducted to be found dead a month later in the desert.
The underlying causes of these atrocities are complicated and impossible to fully comprehend , but drugs, lawlessness, corruption, innumerous undocumented immigrants and power-hungry cartel member 
Mexico: In 2010, Ciudad Juarez was crowned the murder capitol of the world. Murders of women have taken extreme shapes through mutilations, kidnappings, rapes and deformations.
Mexico: Pink crosses all over Ciudad Juarez mark where women have been founded murdered.

Female Genital Mutilation
If you break a girl’s rib she’ll grow 40 new one’s - proverb, Egypt

 1.  Egypt: Female Genital Mutilation is common, 90 percent of all women in Egypt suffer from it.

 3. Badour.

4. Egypt: Zeinab’s daughter Badour died on the operation table while being circumcised. By bravely bringing what happened to attention Zeinab changed the law in all of Egypt.