Sunday, October 3, 2010

Four Tags !!!

I have been tag four times and i have been so lazy so...

Let's begin :)

Somalianarab Princess tagged me with ( 15 Interesting Things About Me ) :-

I really hope that i can managed to name 15 things cuz i am not that much "into me"
1- I have a good mind who -yea it's a being of its own- likes to learn, analyse and ask. 
2- I am a good listeners, sometimes i would fight with you to talk but i can listen endlessly.
3- I love almost everything. 
4- I don't hate people or things, yes at times some stuff got me crazy but i tend to forget them easily. 
5- I am a very forgiven person.
6- I am down to earth despite my look. 
7- I never knew why, but when people know me before meeting me they tend to think that i am a tall lady and they always got shocked to see the real me. I am short ( 151 cm) actually. Always surprise me how our words and personalities can shape the way others imagine us. 
8- I have a very bad memory which i can rely on a lot to escape embarrassment moments :) 
9- I am a kind person with a huge heart which is what i love mostly about me. 
10- I am a very daring person but not with food.
12- I am open minded with respect to everyone and everything. 
13- I don't get offended easily but don't be in my face at least a week before my period and three days after, 
      you might get yourself an enemy if you don't  :) 
14- I can laugh at myself all the time. 
15- Sleeping, food, internet, reading, movies,showering, my solitude are my haven in life. 
16- Can i add another one, lol. I am very funny and can make you laugh a lot. My students loves me for this side, i make them feel comfortable. And i am very very very good at telling jokes :) 

damn !!! who says i am down to earth when i can say so much about me , lol 


7 Things i hate about myself  was a tag to all those who read it by Susu lonnnnng time ago, i told you i am lazy. 

so let's get to the ugly side of me.

1- i am lazy . And can be very at times.
2- i can be a small fire of ball easily. i have a bad temper which is starting to cool off by age alhamduliAllah, 
    and i wont get cool off easily. So don't try to calm me or advise me to calm down. it will trigger me even 
3- i can go on complaining a lot which is very bad.
4- i can be hard to deal with sometimes.
5- I don't trust people easily and my relationship with them can be on and off most times even those close to
6- I am not a good speaker. Sometimes i can not even say one correct sentence.
7- I am moody most times which is very bad especially when it is affecting those around you. But right now 
    when i feel like being such an annoying person i stay away from all. 


Reading Tag by the lovely Whisper 

Who sends the invitation? 

 Name the books that still in your memory from childhood ?
mostly they were magazines like "Majed" . That's the only magazine i still remember. ( i have a very bad memory, read the tag above )

Important authors you have read ?
I don't like to read according to the name of the author. Yes, the name is always attracting but i like the content more. But mostly i read  many well-known names .

An author that you decided not to read again? 
Unless no hate preaching then no one. I am reading for Paulo Coelho right now and i didn't like some of his previous books but there are good ones too. So i always think what if they have other good books so..

an author you have never read and wished to read ?
No one in particular. but every talent out there deserves to be read. 

Your favorite books? 
It's always changing. So the the list will be very long.

Books you are reading now ?
The Story of Zahra-Hanan Al-Shaykh

What book will you take with you in the desert? 
I don't think i will take any. Can not read in the morning cuz it's too hot or at night cuz it's dark so i would probably brings lots of water. I even hate the desert so i rather not go there :) 

I have not mentioned any thing useful in this tag,I am boring , right whisper? :( 


Lovely Rain tag me this final one 

Who send the invitation? 

What are your favorite sites ? 
Ohhh boy. I have millions of sites to visit  and it was very hard to visit them all so i downloaded Feed Demon to bring them all to me. 
I mostly read political and social sites but everything else, too. Like NY times and BBC . 
Sites that concerned with human rights like Human Rights Watch , Amnesty International And Women's Rights. 
I also like sites that have strange and funny information such as Lemon Drop and Mental Floss. 
Blogs or sites with pictures to the current events or different topics like Best News Photo and The Big Picture. 
And of course Arabic sites like Alarabiya ,صوت المرأة السعودية, اخبار المجتمع السعودي.
And technical sites like تيدوز و عالم التقنيه
oh yea and lots of movies sites.

You want me to add links ? let me try 


Now , i wont tag anyone cuz seriously i lost track of who did it and who didn't, 
so feel free to answer them all :) 


  1. Congratulations you are the quadr queen
    she has one and you four!

  2. الله يعطيكِ العافيه ...ما قصرتي والله
    وصار بدي نظارات للقراءه خصوصاً بعد اللائحه اللي مش طويله ابداً للمواقع

    حبيبتي وفاء
    بدون ما تكتبي اي شي في التاغ الاول .... روحك الحلوه و حضورك الانساني بيقولوا كل شي عنك
    وبيغفروا لكِ كل شي في التاغ الثاني

    تاغ الكتب : بدون تعليق:)))ء

    تاغ المواقع: مش عارفه شو اقول!!! انتو بالسعوديه كم ساعه في اليوم عندكم؟؟؟
    مثلنا 24 ,,, وللا عندكم زياده عنا؟

  3. 1

    I don't know why but I thought u r tall too :$


    for me laziness is not bad at all :)


    U r so sweet ...can't deny that I waited for some book's names to steal but no u r not boring at all ya amar :)

    " what if they have other good books so.."
    Good point :)


    THANKS for the sites... I started with Bigthink and Lemondrop ...very nice :)

  4. Oh, Wafa', I loved these! This made me laugh - "damn !!! who says i am down to earth when i can say so much about me , lol " :-D And you are a tiny thing, aren't you? I guess I pictured you taller based on your strong personality and views! I'm about 161 cm so not too tall either. By the way, is that your picture at the top of the blog?

    I love that you are so good at telling jokes. I imagine being around you would be a lot of fun! And I knew already that you had a big, loving heart! LOL that you are a small ball of fire! I can relate. :)

    Awesome lists. I enjoyed learning these facts about you!

  5. Wafa'a..what do you teach if I may ask?

    and your websites are hard lol :P

    enjoyed reading this post,you really are funny!

  6. Sonnet,

    i am stupid here cuz i didn't get what do you mean by "the quadr queen" , please please more information :)

  7. naysan,

    الله يعافيك يارب

    و ايش مشكلتها النظارات للقراءة, انا البسها لازم انت كمان تلبسيها هههه

    الله يسعدك يارب على كلامك الحلو

    بس والله انا مرة ذاكرتي سيئة و ماقدرت افتكر ولا كتاب. انتوا بس لو تعطوني قائمة كدا و انا اشاور على اللي قراتها يكون اسهل كتير ههه

    اما المواقع مين قال اني ازورها كل يوم, لالالا كل كم يوم اشيك عليهم كلهم كدا

  8. Whisper,

    lol, you are not the first one.

    laziness is bad when you want to do a lot :(

    as for the books, you have to wait for the books of the month inshAllah.

    And i am glad you liked some of the sites. Big think is amazing


  9. Susanne,

    i am very tiny indeed, just need to lose some extra kilos to be even tinier :)

    Thanks a lot for your beautiful words, they make my heart smile :)

    and the picture at the top is for a young Syrian lady, her name is Tall and she has been arrested for quiet some time by the authorities there, unfortunatley there are not a lot of information about her and her well being. It's my small contribution to the campaign to relase her.

  10. Rain,

    lol when i was listing the sites, i noticed that they are very tough ones, i mesn i really sounded like a boring person :(

    Thanks a lot for your nice words dear :)

    btw, i am starting to read your whole blog. I am going to begin something and i wanted you to be the first <<< don't ask me what it's, surprise surprise :D

  11. you're not're just -unlike me- interested in actual serious stuff lol
    wallahy jeel! :P

    Noooooo!I've gotta tell you,I have a very serious's called "genetic deadly curiosity syndrome"..really!..I'm terminal,you should feel sorry for me and TELL MEEE!!!

  12. Wafa’ 7bibti yes like many others I thought you were tall ;D
    The rest I kinda knew about you.. you’re one unique human being walla not exaggerating ..

    and girl we live in the same country I say we gotta meet and rock it ;D

  13. 1. I thought you're tall too :)
    I'm petite too and I like that!

    2. I didn't find any bad things in what you hate about yourself. Laziness is good sometimes :)

    3. For the books, I used to like Majed so much when I was little. I also read all the green library collection.

    4. This is a long list! I will try to check some of them later.

    You're a sweet person, Wafa'!

  14. Rain,

    Oh poor Rain, i have heard of
    (GDCS), it's so bad but thankfully they have found a cure for it <<<waiting and waiting :P

  15. Faith,

    i used to want to be tall as if it's a choice, lol. but... :(

    Allah yes3edek ya rab 3ala alkalm al7eo :)

    And one of us need to go to Medina or the eastern province, i would really love to meet you sweetie :D

  16. Susu,

    yea isn't cool to be a petite, they say we never get old !!

    oh thanks for the encouragments, i really hate these traits about me.

    Try to do the last tag , we want your list of sites .

    And Thanks a lot for the kind words dear :)


Thank you for your comment :)