Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Review: Muhammad By Deepak Chopra

What a book !!

If you are a Muslims who thinks that talking about prophet in any way that's not sacred then this book is not for you. 

It is a novel, a fiction which is what the author explains at the beginning of the book with an apology if he offended Muslim in the process. 

The author-Deepak Chopra-  dedicated each of the 19 chapter to a known figures from the time of the prophet and before. 

The chapters are: 
1-Abdul Muttalib "The slave"
2-Bashira, The Hermit 
3-Halima, The Wet nurse
4-Waraqah, The  Believer 
5-Barakah, The African Slave
6-Kattab, The Elder
7-A Wandering Mendicant
8-Khadijah, The Prophet's Wife
9-Jafar, A Son of Abu Talib
10-Ruqayah, Muhammad's Third Daughter
11-Abu Bar, Merchant of Mecca
12-Zayd, The Adopted Son
13-Ali, The First Convert.
14-A Jewish Scribe
15-Fatimah, Muhammad's youngest Daughter

Susanne said...
This sounds like a good way for me to learn more about people who lived at the time of your prophet. And I see my library has a copy so I'll have to check it out one day especially since it comes highly recommended. Thanks!
Linux and Life said...
There are very few Muslim people in my country (VIetnam) and I havent met anyone in real life. Through TVs and the media, I thought you guys must be really extremistic and fanatic, not insightful and full of love like you.

Thank you a lot for this post, knowing you and your blog has changed my thought a lot.
Wafa' said...

it's . I don't know if you have read any thing similar but this is my first time. It will give you a unique and beautiful look about their lives.
We can exchange notes after you read it :D

And you are welcome :)
Wafa' said...

I am so glad that I have been able to change even the bit of misinformation you have about Muslims.
Sadly, it goes both ways with almost all religions. So we need to look beyond that image the media like to portrait about Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and atheist too so we all can thrive and have a great place to live in.

Thank you a lot for your kind words :)
Becky said...
This books look great! 5-6 years ago I read a biography about the Prophet as well.
Wafa' said...

one of the best books i have read recently :)


  1. I have to add this one to my list. I saw it at the library just last month.

    I agree with Linux :)

  2. Salma,

    it's a different book to me but i like how different it's..

    inshAllah you will enjoy it ..

    and yes Linux comment was so beautiful and honest.


Thank you for your comment :)