Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Am Not Different

I found out today that I am not different than all those around me and as much as they want to change everyone around them including me and thinks of me as westernized and probably not a good Muslim, I think of them as backward and want to change them too !!

this worries me a lot. cuz honestly what makes me different or better if I am fighting what they are doing but on the opposite side.

I need to accept people more for who they are and  never change them..

but wait..doesn't that mean letting those haters of everyone live in their daily hate circle or shall we change them..

I am really preoccupied in myself that I stopped learning long time ago..

time to recharge.


  1. You are you .They are they. Just be yourself.

  2. I have been there too!!

    But reaching that realization makes you think of ways not to be like that you know..

    So I think that whenever someone criticizes me because of our differences, I just remain calm and don't let that thought of stereotyping them come to mind. We all are different that is why each one of us has our own individuality.

  3. Aseel,

    I guess that's what I should do "to remain calm and don't let that thought of stereotyping them come to mind" ..

    thanks a lot for the advice my dear :)

  4. It's never easy to accept people the way they are, sometime we don't understand them or would like them to be the same as we are.
    If somebody is not nice with you or say something that hurts, I found that the best thing to do is stay calm, say a prayer and leave it there.
    Be proud of who you are Wafa!

  5. Marie,

    and I always struggle with this, cuz growing up in a society where being different is wrong is one of the worst thing, I want to accept people, I don't want to be the thing I hate.

    I love your advice a lot Marie "stay calm, say a prayer and leave it there". Thanks a lot for that :)

    and I will, I will one day :)

  6. Wafa, you certainly will. It took me years to get there and still some times I struggle again.
    May God help you dear.

  7. Marie,


    Your kind words really lift me up :)


Thank you for your comment :)